dress how you wish to be dealt with....   

In today’s image driven society and marketplace first impressions matter.  In fact, in the first 30 seconds people make at least 12 assumptions about you based on what they see. 

Your image should be aligned with your personal goals, lifestyle, personality and preferences.  Working with the right image consultant will help you dress with purpose and intent so that the image that you convey is who you are and how you want to be perceived by others. 

A stylist, your stylist, should help you identify the terrific assets that make you you. 

Gosia’s keen eye and experience will create an awareness of what works for your body shape in a most flattering way and teach you to shop and dress with confidence to always make lasting positive impression.  

Services offered by Gosia are available to individuals and corporations looking to reinvent their image as a result of:

  • lifestyle change
  • career change, advancement (dress for the job you want, not the job you have)
  • body change (maternity transition, getting fit)
  • busy professionals (no time to shop)
  • corporate image upgrade  (creating image as a brand, uniform selection, company dress code guidelines)

Benefits customers experience from working with Gosia:

  • increased self esteem/confidence/ motivation
  • improved, positive personal awareness 
  • improved personal and professional/networking relationships
  • increased positive public image / professional impact
  • increased knowledge of fashion and trends and applying them to a personal style that suits you
  • increased efficiency (learning goal oriented shopping)


Services offered on an hourly basis.  Gift certificates available. 

To learn more please contact Gosia at:

[email protected]

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